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Concrete Repair and Restoration

Whether due to initial improper installation, seismic damage, moisture penetration, excessive loading, or corrosion over time, American Restore offers high quality, cost-effective solutions. Using industry leading techniques, concrete can be repaired or strengthened to correct structural, safety or aesthetic concerns.

Our services include: high-strength toppings; crack injection; horizontal, vertical or overhead concrete repair; crack repair; and structural enlargements.

When water intrusion becomes an issue, the solution can often be difficult to determine. Our team of experienced waterproofing experts offers a variety of solutions and will work with you to develop a solution that works within your budget and provides lasting protection.

Our services include: epoxy/urethane injection; soil injection; negative/positive site wall coatings; joint sealants; expansion joints; crack repair; and many other specialty options.

We specialize in concrete surfacing solutions.

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