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Residential Waterproofing

American Restore is a leading installer of Dex-o-tex Weatherwear waterproof decking systems in Orange County and Los Angeles. This waterproofing system is used for waterproofing sun decks, play roof decks, observation decks, pool decks, traffic deck balconies, walkway decks, walkway balconies, gazebo decks, and other types of decks.

Dex-o-tex Weatherwear can be applied to wood decks and concrete decks. With skilled waterproofing technicians and experienced estimators, our team will provide you with recommendations, options and a quality finished product. Whether you need to waterproof a new deck installation, a deck replacement, or resurfaced existing deck, American Restore will be there to help you through the process.

We provide finished deck surfaces as well as waterproofing systems for tile and other masonry products. We specialize in the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear waterproof deck system which can handle normal foot traffic, roof furniture and rubber-tired window washing rigs. The Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear is a multi-layered troweled application.

We also provide residential concrete services. From backyards to basements we cover it all. To learn more, click here.

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