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Slipsheet System

The Slipsheet System is a crack-resistant, cost-effective technique for repair surfaces as an alternative to complete surface replacement. In addition to repairing the surface, the Slipsheet System creates a watertight waterproofing solution for the surface.


Here’s how the Slipsheet System technique works:


First, the damaged surface is cleaned and all loose debris is removed. The surface is then sterilized to remove any residual plant life. If there are any uneven levels in the surface, we grade them down and fill-in all surface cracks with a flexible rubber-cement. A unique fiberglass paper is overlapped and glued to itself to create a "slipsheet" divorcing system from the surface, which allows it to "float" over normal cracks and isolated element movement. This fiberglass paper is only affixed to the surface around the perimeter and where there are protrusions coming from the ground, such as posts for signs, fences, etc.


After the first fiberglass paper is installed, a second unique fiberglass fabric is laid down over the surface to provide reinforcement. It is applied with a slurry coat of asphalt to increase tensile strength. This fiberglass membrane is applied at right angles to the slipsheet and overlaps it at the perimeter to seal it off. Another slurry coat of asphalt is applied over the fiberglass fabric to complete the membrane part of the Slipsheet System.


This Slipsheet System of applying a divorcing membrane, bonded only at the perimeter, to separate the new surface from the old, damaged surface, allows the stress of any movement to be distributed across the entire area instead of being localized at the cracks in the old surface.

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