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Tipping Floors

Tipping floors and high-traffic industrial floors are subject to the most extreme and harsh conditions. Tipping floors in waste transfer stations and material recovery facilities (MRFs) are continually subject to aggressive chemicals, impact loads, abrasion, exposure to the elements, and damage from equipment.

The American Restore team has years of experience developing repair strategies and installing new tipping floors all across the United States. American Restore's solution for tipping floors delivers unparalleled performance and return on investment. Designed to withstand high impact and abrasion from heavy equipment and frequent vehicular traffic, the system also features superior resistance to hazardous materials.

We've partnered with Euclid Chemical Company to offer tipping floor solutions. This innovative and durable flooring system offers:

  • Requires minimal downtime installation, reducing disruption to your facility's operations
  • Installed by our team of specialists, ensuring the process will be completed safely and efficiently
  • Superior impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance.
  • Lower life-cycle costs and extends the service life of your floor
  • Time and money savings

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